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Several years ago, my husband went to Canyon Ranch for their 4 night Executive Health Program, now renamed Optimal Health Pathway. His experience with their integrative wellness team was so positive that I decided it was time to check myself in and dedicate a little time to my own health.

CR offers 8 expertly composed pathways that include the guidance and services to make your stay a success. Whether you choose Optimal Health, Live Your Healthy Weight, Lifestyle Reset or Just Be Here, depends on your personal goals. Included in each pathway are Core Services (appointments with Physicians or Therapists) and Elective Services (massages, meditation and such).

Since my previous visit, all rooms have been renovated. They are light and airy, super comfortable beds, and attractive décor. The grounds were gorgeous, with lush landscaping mixed with desert cactus. Food was delicious and varied, I did not feel like I was deprived in any way. Weather was warm at the time and I enjoyed all 3 of the pools, my favorite was the T-pool for its view of the Catalina mountains. There are so many classes to choose from that you can not possibly take all of them. Nor should you. While it is tempting to fill your schedule with a variety of classes, part of the benefit of a trip to CR includes free time to read, reflect, or just enjoy where you mind wanders. When was the last time you allowed yourself time to look at the clouds go by?

There are other options for wellness getaways but Canyon Ranch is unique with their whole person care, blending western medicine assessments with physicians, nutritionists, behavioral therapists, eastern medicine and spiritual guidance. If you are ready for a change, need a reset, or just want a spa getaway, Canyon Ranch is a fabulous choice for solos, girlfriends, couples and adult families.

Virtuoso Amenities – $100 Resort Credit (you will want this for those spa appointments!), Upgrade if available at check in, Complimentary WiFi

  • January 11, 2022

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